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KraPow LDN's Insider Guide to London


We are proud to have collaborated with London's best Thai street food team, Richard Oakes and Paul Ambrose - their food is incredible and now you can taste their amazing meals at home. 

Inspired by their travels around Asia, the KraPow LDN founders – Richard and Paul – developed a taste for fiery street food in Northern Thailand. Launched in 2016, KraPow LDN has been serving up Thai flavours to the people of London and the UK at Druid Street Market, Victoria Park Market, Leyton Food Market, London Food Month's Night Market, Camp Bestival & Bestival and EatFirst.

Their inspiration was the stark difference between their perception of Thai food and the true flavours they discovered. In comparison to the brightness and acidity of southern cuisine, they found a wonderful, complex earthiness to the cooking in the north. Returning to London, and finding it impossible to get the dish they fell in love with, they set out to create it on their own.

Since KraPow LDN hit the streets, Rich and Paul have dedicated their lives to creating authentic Thai experiences in London. Consequently, they have uncovered many hidden gems dotted around the capital that enable you to experience Thailand before you book your flights with Thai Airways.


Read all about the most exciting Thai experiences London has to offer.


Where to go if you need ingredients


SeeWoo - Greenwich

One of the largest Oriental food retailers in London. They have tonnes of Asian ingredients that we never knew existed, as well an amazing fresh seafood section.

Kong Ming Fruit & Veg - (New Spitalfields), Leytonstone

These are our Thai fruit and vegetables gurus, you can find them at New Spitalfields Market. I think they have the freshest produce and help us create the unique flavour in our dishes.

Loon Fung - Tottenham

An Asian supermarket warehouse in Tottenham which is open to the general public. It’s a great place to discover incredible flavours from the far east and beyond.

Dennis Edwards Flowers - Covent Garden Market

If you’re looking to impress a loved one these guys have the finest Thai orchids in London. The smells are incredible and you’ll love putting your images all over Instagram.


Where to go if you’re hungry


Som Saa - Spitalfields

Meaning Thai Fruit, Som Saa was crowd funded from a pop up under a railway arch in East London. Now proof of an incredible concept, they have set up shop in Spitalfields. Unapologetically hot with flavours wandering from north to south Thailand.

Kiln - Soho

Another Thai food trailblazer, focusing their flavours on the Northern areas. Everything is cooked over ember filled clay pots, in hand hammered woks. Delicious, simple small plates bursting with deep Thai freshness and flavours.

Smoking Goat - Soho

Similar to its sister restaurant Kiln, Smoking Goat’s menu is typical of Northern Thai street food flavours. Their small, bold menu packs a punch with meats cooked over a wood fired BBQ, full of earthy flavours then left for you to cover in zesty Asian leaves and spices.

Begging Bowl - Peckham

Thai Street Food restaurant bringing a bowl of Bangkok to Peckham, get stuck into sharing plates with a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy menu.

Singburi - Leytonstone

This is a friendly no frills neighbourhood Thai cafe, it’s delicious menu features all the classics and incredible lesser known regional dishes. It’s the perfect place to brighten up a rainy day in London.

Farang - Highbury & Islington

Meaning foreigner, in Thai. Farang is a restaurant run by ex Smoking Goat Chef, Sebby Holmes. Here, they laugh in the face of the Phad Thai, so expect perfectly balanced authentic dishes that pack a serious amount of heat. The coconut braised beef cheek is something that should not be missed.


Where to go if you’re looking for cooking inspiration


BUY - David Thompson’s cookbook

Godfather of Asian cooking. He ran the first Thai restaurant to receive a Michelin star, moved to Bangkok and returned to cook at Som Saa during London Food Month. His book has every Asian recipe you would ever need.

BLOG - The Roaming Cook

Gary Butler, a painter and decorator from London who also fell in love with Thailand and the food. Now lives in Bangkok and travels around Thailand developing new recipes for his blog.

BLOG  - Mark Wiens  -

Since 2009, Mark has been based in Bangkok, Thailand, researching (that means eating a lot) as much food as he can and taking photos and blogging about Thai food.


A great friend of ours who has made a living being a travel blogger, we all travelled through Asia together. If it wasn’t for Johnny, the KraPow LDN dream may never have been born.


Who else to follow on Instagram


@food_feels - blogger focusing on all aspects of food from street markets, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.


@sabrinaghayour - award-winning chef who recently released an incredible Middle Eastern cookbook ‘Persiana’.


@ks_ate_here - he works in the City and has a real interest in food and the hospitality scene as a whole in London and abroad.


@lukiefarrell - Grows tropical herbs in Dorset, spends 6 months in Asia 6 in the UK.


@englishhippy - Chef at som saa.


@sebbyholmes - Farang Chef with a cookbook who started to cook aged just 15.


@kilnsoho - Thai restaurant in Soho.


Where to go in London if you want to get cultural



Song Kran - 13th - 15th Apri

Founder and head chef of Farang, hosts an annual Thai pop-up dining experience on The Battersea Barge. Check Farang website for details.


Thai Temples

Wat Buddhapadipa - Wimbledon

There is a huge Thai Buddhist temple in Wimbledon, which was the first Thai temple to be built in the UK. It is home to monks and nuns but welcomes visitors of any faith to view the grounds and experience the temple.


Annual Games

The Samaggi Games - 25th February

An annual event where several thousand Thai students and expats play sports such as football, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, squash, chair ball, and traditional Thai games such as Thai chess.


KraPow LDN Insider Guide To Thailand

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