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Hail Caesar?

Did you know… The Caesar Salad isn’t actually named after Julius Caesar?

Did you know… The Caesar Salad isn’t actually named after Julius Caesar?

We have some facts about the world famous Caesar Salad that will make you question everything you know! The dish is actually named after Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who ran restaurants in Mexico and the US, not the Roman emperor who ate salads while leading the demise of the Roman Republic back in 60BC.

According to Caesar Cardini’s daughter the story actually dates back to July 4th (big American holiday), 1924, Caesar was running short on supplies due to an unexpected rush of customers. In order to not turn customers away, he concocted a salad and dressing out of some of the remaining ingredients he had lying around.

Ninety three years on, and the Caesar Salad is one of the best known and most popular salads in the world. Here at EatFirst we developed our own version by applying high end restaurant cooking techniques to create London's best Caesar. 

Chicken - Our chicken breast is brined in aromatics for an hour, chargrilled to seal the meat, then cooked sous-vide to make it extra juicy and cooked perfectly.  Any risk of under or over cooking the meat is totally eradicated by this process.

Dressing - This is the daddy of Caesar dressings, created by Chef Fanny Harpin using a variation taught to her by  Alain Ducasse. It has the perfect balance of the classic caesar elements, salty, spicy & sour with lashings of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Salad - We receive the freshest ingredients daily from the number one fruit and veg supplier in the UK, New Covent Garden Market. As soon as the leaves arrive at EatFirst they are washed, chopped and arranged beautifully into our trays.

Eggs - Free range Burford Browns to add an extra bit of class to the dish.

Croutons - We roast a sourdough baguette in olive oil and thyme to top the salad off with a bit of extra crunch.

Our Naked Chicken Caesar is just 291 calories and can be ordered for delivery from 10am to 10pm ,seven days a week, at our online store -

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