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Three reasons this is the perfect kitchen gadget for January


We’ve found for you the ultimate kitchen gadget to help with your clean eating January. This clever contraption is zero fuss, super healthy and does most of the hard work for you. Here are three reason this is the perfect New Year’s resolution companion. 

It’s the healthiest way to cook meat - The slow moist gentle heat slowly cooks the meat without releasing any harmful compounds that you can get from grilling or frying. Even the classic roast chicken can be prepared in this, it’s pretty much foolproof and it will be 100% more juicy than an oven roast.

It preserves nutrients - Despite what you may think this method of cooking actually preserves the meals nutrients that can be lost when you blast it over a high heat for a short period of time.

Master of flavour with zero fuss - Any budding chef knows that the longer you stew something the deeper and richer the flavour but no one wants to leave the oven on for 8 hours. This slow cooker has all the time in the world, all it takes is for you to throw all of your fresh, natural ingredients into the pot and let it work it’s magic.

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