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Italian favourites...


Taking a trip to Tuscany? No? Well, you should be. Edo has given us his hottest tips so you can live like a local when you visit the most beautiful country in the Med...

Your favourite restaurant in Sardinia?

  • S’apposentu di Casa Puddu. Siddi VS - A Michelin starred restaurant serving modern Sardinian food. I love that he produces every single ingredient that is served in his restaurant, being a chef I know that takes incredible dedication.

Your favourite bar?

  • Al Refettorio. Alghero - A bar run by an ex Michelin-starred chef serving beautiful wine, cocktails & Sardinian tapas.

Your favourite place to visit?

  • After of course Sardinia, Barcelona is my favourite city to visit, I love the food and how multicultural it is.

Your favourite dish?

  • Anything that has fresh fish in it. It's all I ate growing up, it takes me right back home every time.

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