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Spring into action!

Now is the perfect time to start growing your own herbs on the kitchen window sill - forget the hydroponic, tasteless potted herbs from the supermarket and avoid burning your money by buying packet 'fresh' herbs! I've seen mint, that grows like bramble in the spring and summer for £15-£23 per kg! Going to the shop for fresh things like herbs you often are paying for tasteless, over packaged ( plastic, plastic, plastic :( ), expensive ingredients!

Everyone should grow their own herbs from seed. Annual herbs like coriander, mint, parsley, dill and tarragon are super easy to grow from seed. You can reuse an old pot or any suitable container to grow herbs in. Seeds last for 2-3 years, so 1 packet of seeds is great value and will last a few seasons. Perennial herbs like thyme and rosemary last all year round and really power in spring and summer.

I always say cooking is an extension of your preparation. So if you have nothing in the fridge, no spices, no vegetables - you'll be eating miso soup from a sachet mixed with frozen peas. If you spend a few hours over the weekend setting up your kitchen, filling the 'dry store' and fridge, you'll find yourself thinking of ways to incorporate all your amazingly tasty fresh herbs, spices and ingredients.


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