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You could call us eco-warriors


It's not just the food we care about here at EatFirst. One of our core values is to be kind to our beautiful environment.

From the procurement of our fresh ingredients, to the containers we deliver our meals in, we are always trying to make our carbon footprint as small as possible.

By using 95% biodegradable packaging for our meals, we are reducing the use of plastic and any that we do use is 100% recyclable.

This week's newsletter is all about sustainability, one of our biggest focuses, after our meals of course!


Every one of our suppliers is hand-picked by Chef Benn. One of our newest additions, Rubies in the Rubble, take fruit and veg that appears to have gone a bit pear-shaped and transforms them into delicious sauces and chutneys.

When Jenny read that ⅓ of fruit and vegetables never reach our plates because they don’t look pretty enough, she decided to take action.

She’s grown from a little stall in Borough Market to working with huge companies like Virgin Trains. She collects approx 1,300 of their ‘no good’ apples each week and turns them into chutneys, which are then sold back to Virgin.

Keep your eyes peeled on our menu for our EatFirst and Rubies in the Rubble summer salad.


We love to give back to others by working with charities. At Christmas, we supported Magic Breakfast with the amazing work they do to end hunger in UK schools by providing healthy breakfasts to vulnerable children.

Another one of our suppliers doing an incredible thing is Original Beans. For every chocolate bar eaten, one cacao tree is planted. Replenishing these trees ensures that future generations can experience the rarest cacao on earth from which their chocolate is made.

Want to read more? Head over to our blog where we have the full article on the Original beans story as well as Magic Breakfast.


We touched on Zero waste back in Monday’s email and now it’s not just ingredients we're saving; we're working to save entire meals.

We work with Olio and Too Good to Go who make sure that no good meal goes to waste. Their mission is to reduce food waste worldwide and the vision is to create a world where ‘food produced’ means ‘food consumed.’

They've partnered with over 5,000 stores to fight food waste and now over 2.5 million meals have been rescued. Download their app now to keep growing this food waste revolution.

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