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4 foods that will help boost your metabolism...


Here at EatFirst living a healthy lifestyle is a huge part of our ethos, which is why our aim is to provide nutritious meals for all, be that in the office or on the go. A common word we often hear in relation to health is “metabolism”, though most people don’t fully understand what this word means and why it is so important.

Put simply, metabolism is the chemical processes that occur in our body to maintain life. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which we burn energy (food) in the body. The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn. A strong metabolism is essential for blood circulation, regulating body heat and eliminating waste products.

Your metabolism can be influenced by many factors: age, gender, body size, activity level and food intake.


Here are some of the best ways to boost your metabolism through what you eat:


Used for centuries as a medicine, ginger promotes digestion, stimulating your metabolism, which leads to an increase in calories burnt. Ginger adds tonnes of flavour and a nice peppery kick to any meals or drinks. 


A kitchen staple. Garlic is not only delicious with almost everything, but research also shows a whole host of other health benefits. These include improvements to your immunity, which fights disease and helps you to shed weight. Try our prawn and kimchi fried rice that is tossed heaps of the good stuff, kimchi and smoked bacon; an absolute win for the body and soul!


High in dietary fibre our bodies still try to digest berries even though our bodies can’t actually digest fibre. This leads to lots of calories being burnt, thus increasing your metabolism. With many other health benefits such as protection from bacteria and viruses and reducing inflammation in the body, berries are amongst the healthiest food on earth!


Lean meats such as chicken are great, as they require more energy to be digested. Research shows people with a high-protein diet burn twice as many calories than those without. At EatFirst all our chicken is cooked sous-vide meaning the moisture and flavour is locked in, making it even more delicious.


Your food choices are an integral part of increasing your metabolism and as you can see it can easily be done with delicious, wholesome food choices. Check out our menu to see all these superfoods incorporated into our meals.


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