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What the hell is Kombucha and why should we drink it?


You may or may not have heard about this new drink called Kombucha (pronounced kom-bu-cha) that has burst onto the UK food-scene over the last few years.

While the likes of you and I are relatively new to the Kombucha party, this fermented drink has in fact been around since the Chinese Qin Dynasty in 220 BCE!


What is Kombucha?

This fermented drink is produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria (known as ‘SCOBY’) and is said to have magical healing properties as well as being incredibly good for your gut.




What does it taste like?

Kombucha is perhaps the Marmite of the drinks world. Some people love it, while others just don’t get it!

Kombucha has an acidic tastes to it, similar to apple cider vinegar. As the drink has become more popular with the masses, kombucha bought off the shelf, can come in many different flavours, hence taming the tang.  


Why is is good for you?

If you’re in the ‘hater’ camp, you may want to read the following before you write off completely…

Fermented food and drink, including kombucha, has soared in popularity recently, not only because of it’s ‘trendy’ connotations, but thanks too to the increasing interest and research into gut health.

Kombucha contains probiotic bacteria which helps balance the gut microbiome and in turn improves digestion, as well as strengthening our immune systems.

This healthy alternative is also a great way to stave off sugary fizzy drink cravings, and mid-afternoon caffeine slumps, with the natural sugars found within the tea.

Other health benefits kombucha drinking has includes mood enhancement, weight loss and might even help in the prevention of cancer.

Did someone say #superfood?!


Where can I buy it?

With the drink becoming more and more well known, kombucha brands are launching here there and everywhere, but below we’ve listed our fave fermented friends:

Jarr: perhaps the most well-known London-based kombucha, Jarr Kombucha is available in three refreshing flavours; original, ginger, and passionfruit.

Fix8: launched only a couple of months ago, new kid in the block Fix8 is available on tap or in a bottle.

LA Brewery: a fellow Great Taste Awards winner, these guys recently won a star for their Ginger and Strawberry & Black Pepper kombuchas.

Real Kombucha: we love the importance the team put on pairing with foods.

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