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No, it’s not cardboard it’s called a Bagasse...


We regularly hear people ask us “Why do you serve your food in cardboard containers?” The answer is that they aren’t actually cardboard.

As most of you will know we feel a huge responsibility to do everything we can to make all aspects of our business sustainable. This starts from our supply chain and ends with our packaging.

The ‘cardboard’ containers we use for our food isn’t actually cardboard, it’s actually made from a material called “bagasse”; a byproduct of sugar cane juice. Once the juice has been extracted from the cane, you have this fibrous material which is turned into our food containers.

This in turn, means you theoretically can dispose of the tray in the same compostable bin where you put your food.


With Global Warming, the plastic disaster and the increasing detriment human-beings are having on the planet we feel we owe it to the world to help in any way we can.

Using bagasse is just one way we are trying to lessen our negative impact on the world, along with trying to make EatFirst totally plastic free (stay tuned).

If you want to live a more sustainable life, there are lots of things you can be involved with. Whether it's trying to limit the plastic you buy, using a KeepCup or carrying a reusable shopping bag in your handbag, every little helps.

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