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A healthy workplace starts with your lunch...


Anyone working in any sort of 9-5 job will understand how hard it is to keep the waistline under control. It’s extremely hard to stay away from snacking and now with so much choice on the high street it can prove tough to find a nutritionally balanced lunch.

We saw a stat the other day the 70% Brits buy lunch out at least once a week. The problem is that most of the food you eat out is usually packed with salts, sugars and refined grains that will contribute to a ballooning waistline. Let us tell you the meal deal is one of the worst culprits for this one.

There have also been a number of accusations recently aimed at ‘healthy’ lunch places using the word ‘natural’ in their marketing when the food is actually packed with E numbers. So, your favourite Chicken and Avocado sandwich that you thought wouldn’t be that bad for you, actually is.

One of the best and probably cheapest ways to do this is by making your own lunches; that way you know EXACTLY what has gone into your food and have total control over the nutritional benefits. But as we all know, not only can it be extremely difficult to find the time when juggling work, friends, kids and pets but it can actually be very hard making healthy ingredients tasty.

Now, this is where we come in. Culinary director Benn Hodges draws on over a decade of experience in top restaurants around the world. He learnt how to get the best flavour out of simple beautiful ingredients by using simple seasonings.

Benn is passionate about creating delicious tasting health focused food that is made with locally sourced 100% NATURAL ingredients. Benn’s Taste of Asia range is the perfect balance of protein, carbs and vitamins to keep you fuelled up in the right way!

All of our meals are perfect for the office, they come in eco friendly packaging and take no more that 4 minutes in the microwave. That’s less than the time it takes you to walk to your favourite sandwich place but you’ll be eating something that your body will love you for.

Not convinced? Head over the the menu and give them a try for yourself! You won’t regret it.

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