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Benn's Recipe Series: Coconut and Almond Rice Pudding with Poached Nectarine and Summer Berries


Starting this month we’ll be sharing with you a series of Benn’s favourite recipes. Each recipe will be suitable for a specific diet whether it’s gluten free, refined sugar free or low fat for example.

First up is a vegan recipe Benn concocted a few weeks ago for the Health Bloggers Community Bake Off: Coconut and Almond Rice Pudding with Poached Nectarine and Summer Berries

Coconut & Almond Pudding

•    600g Coconut Milk
•    100g Almond Meal
•    90g Rice flour
•    90g Maple Syrup

Heat coconut milk, almond meal, rice flour and maple syrup slowly and whisk continuously to avoid it sticking to the bottom of the pan. Once the mixture starts to thicken use a spatula to move the mixture in the pan to avoid sticking until it comes to the boil. Portion the pudding mixture into 4 stemless red wine glasses and chill to set. You may need to place in freezer for 45 min to 1 hour to speed the process up.

Poached Nectarine

•    2 Nectarines
•    200g Stevia
•    ½ Vanilla Bean

To make syrup, combine stevia, vanilla, 400ml water and bring to the boil. Cut nectarines in half and add to simmering syrup. Cover with a cartouche and gently poach for 4-5 mins then remove from heat and let stand for 4-5 mins. Test if tender, if not leave to steep for longer. When ready remove, peel skin, and refrigerate.  Pass syrup and refrigerate.


Nectarine Soup

•    Nectarine syrup
•    3 British Cherries
•    4 British Blueberries
•    2 British Strawberries

Cut the cherries in half and remove the stone. Using a very sharp knife cut the blueberries in half across the fruit achieving a ‘cross section’ slice. Not in the same direction as the stem. Hull the strawberries and cut into ½ or ¼ depending on the size. Mix all together and chill.

To Serve

Cut the poached nectarine into thin ‘sashimi’ slices around 2mm thin. Using your fingers, carefully spread the slices. You want to keep the slices together, but increase the distance of the end of each slice further away from the last. The aim is to achieve a staircase of nectarine slices you can then fold and reshape into a ‘rosette’. Place the nectarine rosette in the centre, on top of the coconut & almond pudding. Arrange the fruits from the nectarine soup around the nectarine rosette, then using a dessert spoon, fill the glass with a layer of nectarine soup.

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