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Five fruit and vegetables that you’ve probably never heard


This vegetable that looks like something from out of space is far more familiar than you think. Romanesco is literally cauliflowers nutty cousin; it has all the same incredible health benefits but with a slightly nuttier flavour. Our favourite way to prepare it is roasted in the oven with some turmeric, honey, garlic and chilli, it goes great as an accompaniment to some grilled fish.


Admittedly, most people have probably heard of this one. The name samphire derives from “sampierre” or Saint Pierre (St Peter) the patron saint of fishermen because the plant is mainly found growing around coastal areas. With its crisp, salty taste it pairs beautifully with seafood or lamb dish, it’s also a great source of Vitamin A, calcium and iron.


Dandelion Greens

This is a fantastic one to forage yourself if you’re ever out in the great British countryside, now is the perfect time of year to pick them as well. Treat them as you would rocket, they’re great in salads or sauteed in butter and are incredibly high in vitamins A, C and K. The perfect winter meals to help you stave off those pesky illnesses.


If you’re a Waitrose shopper you may have seen these floating around in the vegetable isles. Salsify is a root vegetable containing as much potassium as a banana and despite looking like a parsnip is actually closely related to the dandelion plant. Once a staple item circa the Victorian era due to its versatility and ability to grow all year round, now used by top chefs in many top restaurants around the UK. The flavour is close to an artichoke but with a subtle liquorice note and is great roasted and served as a side, delicious in a leek gratin or as a soup.


Ugly on the outside, beautiful in the middle, this Asian Yuzu fruit has rather a special flavour. Not long ago you would only typically find it in Japanese or Chinese supermarkets but it’s now becoming more readily available due to its unique lemon, lime & grapefruit flavour. Packed with Vitamin C, it’s fantastic in sweet or savoury dishes, it adds something more than just using lemon or lime. We use it in our Great Taste award-winning Miso Glazed Salmon that you can order off our menu today!

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