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5 tips for a greener office


Keep it fair

You should always endeavour to buy ethically sourced products such as fair trade coffee and tea. This mark is incredibly important as it looks after people who still use traditional methods with provenance at the heart of their business. It stops bigger companies pricing them out of the market and driving them to a point where labour is free and quality of life is unsustainable. It’s also a mark of assurance that a certain level of standards and trade practices have been followed; from picking to your table. Always look for the stamp, it means a lot more than you think.

Sign your office up to a cycle to work scheme

Most offices will already have this and if you aren’t utilising it, you should be. It doesn't only cut city emissions but it's also a great way to stay active. The initiative was put in place by the government to allow you to lease a bike with the opportunity to buy it at the end. It’s tax-free, saving you between 25-39%.

Turn off the lights

A simple one but probably the most effective. The bottom line is, if you leave your lights, TV or heaters on, power stations need to create more energy which increases carbon emissions. It’s now more important than ever to be diligent, Dr Adam Hawke from Imperial College London, recently said.

"If everyone switched off lights that they weren't using, or turned off electric heating earlier in the year -- could have a bigger impact on the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by power stations than previously thought. However, this also acts in reverse: a small increase in the amount of electricity we use could mean a larger increase in emissions than we previously thought, so we need to make sure we do everything we can to reduce our electricity use,"

Go paperless

Many offices have adopted this already and there’s no reason your office shouldn’t too. There’s pretty much a programme for everything these days - whether it’s proofreading, to do lists, storing files etc. There’s really very little excuse for printing paper. It’s a well-known fact that using paper means cutting down more trees, which is killing our beautiful wildlife. If you do really need to use paper make sure it’s 100% recycled.

Ordering lunch? Go plastic free!

We’re all well aware of the need to use less plastic in our daily lives. A great way to cut back is by being more mindful of the food and drink we buy. If you work in an office why not order lunch from us? We pride ourselves on our deliveries being totally single-use plastic free, all of our food comes in totally compostable or reusable packaging to help you do your bit for our oceans.

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