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New Year’s resolution - Small changes that will make a big difference


This year, rather than setting big unrealistic resolutions why not set yourself smaller more achievable goals.

These smaller goals can be just as important and once they become part of your daily routine, will have a long-lasting positive effect on your health.

Below we’ve listed our four small changes that we believe will make a big difference.

Always go brown

It’s really as simple as that. We actively encourage you to enjoy carbohydrates, but always in moderation (like everything) and when you do, always try to go whole grain. White rice and pasta are high in GI (glycemic index) which spikes your blood sugar levels as your body tries to quickly digest them. A hot tip - always to make sure there are some veggies in there which will help to slow digestion further.

Essential afternoon snack

We’re all prone to hitting the crisp draw as soon as we get home from a busy day at work. A great way to kerb this habit is by throwing in a nutritious snack around 4pm. Something like rye bread with a smear of cream cheese and salmon offers a great balance of carbohydrate, fat and protein to keep you fueled up until dinner time.

Start Big, finish Small

Breakfast is and will always be king. If you’re looking to shed some of those Christmas calories despite what you may think, eating a big breakfast is the best way forward. Mornings are when your metabolism is at maximum efficiency and blood sugar levels are most stable, meaning it’s the best time to supply your body with its essential protein, fat and carbohydrates. If you fuel up well in the morning, the evening should only consist of a light meal so your body doesn’t store calories overnight while your metabolism slows.

Sleep is king

It doesn’t just help curb the late night snacking but a well-rested body and mind will actually do wonders for your diet. A rested mind is more likely to be up early and heading off to the gym. Also, a study from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a well-rested person burned up to 20% more calories after each meal versus someone who is sleep deprived.

These are all small changes you can start today and will attribute to you living a healthier and happier life!

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