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Not just any old Spaghetti & Bolognese


Our brand new Spaghetti & Meatballs is like no other.

We’ve tried to make it as authentic as possible - that’s everything from the recipe, to the ingredients we use to create its authentic flavour.

But, what exactly makes it so special? We’ve listed out some of the incredibly unique aspects to our new pasta dish.

The Recipe has been handed down through two generations of Chef Edo’s family. He remembers this dish being one of the first meals he ever cooked. It’s been slightly tweaked over the years but it still tastes just like it’s been flown straight from his Grandmother’s kitchen.


The Pasta - We use the finest egg pasta sourced from our favourite Italian supplier. We tried over 20 different types of pasta to find the perfect one to compliment this dish. We use ‘Bronze-Cut’ pasta - the key to what makes this dish unlike any other. ‘Bronze-Cut’ is when the pasta has been extruded through traditional bronze dies (as opposed to Teflon, which is smoother and cheaper) to make the pasta a little coarser and porous, therefore much better at absorbing the sauce.


The Tomatoes - Our tomatoes come from the Lazio region in Italy. They are cold-pressed to preserve all the natural vitamins and sun-kissed flavour.


The Meat - We use a mix of Beef and Pork to add the perfect balance of flavour and richness. We ensure all of our meat is Red Tractor Assured and from British farms because we believe in ethically sourced meat.

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